Raising Jane Journal

Sunday, July 1, 2012

In the Box and On the Farm

You can tell that summer is underway in this weeks CSA share. While there are still plenty of greens, it is beginning to get a little more colorful. In this weeks box:
Red lettuce
Salad turnips
swiss chard
garlic scapes

My favorite of the week is arugula. It is extremely versatile. Going from steamed greens to salad addition. I love the peppery flavor.  I was also extremely excited for the bountiful harvest of garlic scapes this week. Such a rare treat. I think I finally have enough to try these recipes I've been wanting to try for quite some time.

I have finally fallen into a steady rhythm on the farm. The weather has been holding pretty steady thus far. I am still waiting for that scorching heat or raining day work. My body is also adjusting to the work. I no longer feel sore after four hours in the fields. Weeding seems to take up much of the time along with some harvesting each week. This weeks harvest was the beets and turnips. It was a nice change. Much of the packaging is done right on the spot in the field. Picking, cleaning, bunching and packaging is mostly done as you go. I am also enjoying the company of the other worksharers and am really getting to know some amazing people.

Back in the kitchen I have finally reached that point where we are bringing in more than we can  possibly eat in a week, which was my goal. My preservation method of choice has been the dehydrator and it has been running full force this past week. This year will be our first year putting food away for winter use and I am both excited and daunted at the task. I'm sure there will be much trail and error.


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