Raising Jane Journal

Monday, December 19, 2011


My baby (now 8) takes after her momma. She loves sitting quietly and reading, crafting, being in the kitchen...all those homey things. So I decided it was time for her to start building a sewing kit of her own. Project #1: the button jar. Both of my girls were fortunate enough to have met  their great, great grandmothers. Both traditional depression era grandparents. I was fortunate to receive their crafting supplies. So in a hunt for great great grandma's button jar I pulled out the old Whitman's candy box loaded with goodies. Baby food jars filled with beads. Old medicine bottles filled with pins. Mint tins filled with odds and ends. While I did not find the button jar a was looking for, I loved the reminder it gave me of a simpler time. When we reused everything we had. In the end, my daughter was able to start her button jar from mine, not great great grandma's, but a spark has been ignited. To slow down and take a lesson from these women who have gone before us. To pass on both the memories of these people and what they stood for.

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