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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday and Soup's On

One of my favorite things to search for at thrift stores is books, and so this week I would like to share two of my current favorite book finds.
I picked up Alaska Sourdough over the summer for a few dollars. It was to good to pass up. The down to earth format of this book makes you feel right at home in the tradition of sourdough. It is easily available through Amazon. I did have to laugh the other day when an older version of this book was pictured in an article on old cookbooks in the new issue of Grit magazine. An absolute read. The Bakery Lane Soup Bowl I picked up for 89 cents at our local Goodwill. It is full of recipes for soups, salads and breads from the Bakery Lane Soup Bowl. With the weather turning cold outside these two books make a perfect combination of comfort suppers. Simple, frugal and heartwarming meals of soup and bread are just what's in store for winter.
With that in mind this soup has been on the menu this week. I am great at throw together soup, and the children just love to dig in. This week's soup was a combination of:
1 can tomato juice
1 bottle carrot juice
2 bags of frozen peas
1 bag good quality pasta
1 tablespoon italian seasoning
I find making homemade soups with things I have on hand the easiest and healthiest way to feed my family. On those nights when I'm not feeling well, I can through together a whole food meal in minutes. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a pot of homemade soup in the near future. Use what you have on hand and I assure you, your family will love you. You can also view this post over on Simple Lives Thursday at GNOWFGLINS.

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  1. Old cookbooks are my favorite buy at the Goodwill and garage sales. I can never turn a good one down!