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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thrifty Thursday and a Surprise for Dinner

I have to admit it, I love thrift stores. I am a fan of all things old. Sometimes I am on the hunt for something specific that I would rather not buy new, and sometimes I just browse for something that "speaks to me" as my daughter would say. Thankfully, I have several stores in my area that fit my need.
I've decided to dedicate Thursdays to all those wonderful finds that make there way to my house.
This first one is my favorite. After years of bedding that did not seem to fit my personality or my room, I cam across this beauty for $10. The right size, the right feel, and it suits the room perfectly. Everyday it brings me joy.
Another great find was this yogurt maker. I already own a 2-quart yogurt maker, but I had always wondered about these. $4 was not to be passed up and I have to say that I prefer this individual yogurt maker to the larger size. The yogurt seems to firm up better, and it's grab and go serving sizes.
And last but not least for today, my glass pyrex dish. I use this for everything. I am a huge fan of glass over plastic for many reasons. These are usually used as seperate pieces in my fridge for holding fresh fruit or hard boiled eggs, but today they hold the surprise. My daughter has been requesting pancakes for months. With fresh sourdough on hand ready to be used and fresh buttermilk she is getting pancakes for dinner. What you see here is the starter for tonight's pancakes. It will sit and bubble all day getting ready for me tonight. If all goes well I will post the recipe later.
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